Does Heavy Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

In Florida, we know what it means to experience heavy rain. Averaging around 54 inches of rain a year, Florida is in the top five most rainy states. Most of that rain we get comes in the form of large, and sometimes dangerous, tropical storms and hurricanes.

While you may feel like your home is rainproof, what about the rest of your possessions? Specifically, the expensive one that is permanently sitting outside your home? That’s right, we’re talking about your air conditioner. Many homeowners worry about keeping their ACs safe, especially during the rainy summer season. So just how dangerous is rain to your air conditioner? Read below to find out and learn a few tips to keep your AC protected during every season.

Does Rain Harm Your AC?

Your AC is tough. Although you may think it is vulnerable, you have to remember that it sits outside; therefore it is designed to withstand all of the elements. So there is no need to worry about your AC being damaged by a mid-afternoon shower. For this reason, it is recommended that you don’t try to cover your AC while it’s raining.

Should You Cover Your AC System?

Putting a tarp over your running AC may seem like a good precautionary measure, but it can actually end up harming your system. Tarps and other types of covers restrict the flow of air in your AC. When this happens, your AC can’t properly function, putting added strain on the system. In addition to that, unnecessarily covering your AC means you could cause water to pool around your system. This can actually lead to water damage and rust for your air conditioner.

When You Should Worry About Your Air Conditioner

The only time when nature is actually your AC’s enemy is when a hurricane is on its way. Hurricanes bring heavy rain and high winds, which can cause trouble for your air conditioner.

When a hurricane is coming, you will want to switch off your AC and cover it. In addition, you will want to clear your backyard of any patio furniture, yard tools, or children’s toys. These things will fly around during a hurricane, potentially damaging your AC or the rest of your home.

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